Land under the garages will be distributed free of charge

Within five years from September of this year, the citizens who have garages of a capital construction projects, built before December 30, 2004, will receive the right, free of charge, in a simplified manner, to register a state or municipal ownership of land plots they are located, with simultaneous cadastral registration and registration of ownership of garages. The heirs of such citizens and persons who have acquired garages from them by agreement will be able to use that right.

To register the title to land, it will be necessary to submit an application and supporting documents (the list of documents has been established) to the executive body of state power or local government. Applications for state registration of property rights will be submitted by the bodies providing the citizen with the land plot. After state registration of property rights, such bodies will be required to hand over the extracts from the USRN for real estate to the owner.

In case of distribution of a land plot from a garage cooperative to a citizen, previously provided to a garage cooperative on the basis of the right of permanent (indefinite) use or reissued on the basis of the right to lease, and without termination of these rights, it will be possible to register the land for free under garages that are not capital objects and their construction was completed before December 30, 2004.

Registration of the land plot located under the garage will be refused if the garage is recognized as an unauthorized building subject to demolition.

Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol will be able to establish the specifics of registration of citizens' rights to garages and land plots located on their territories.

Federal Law dated 05.04.2021 No. 79-FZ
"On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation"